On The Road 3 Go Show Flyer

Road Crew get ready for show Number 3!

We have been tossing around a 3rd show, we called about a show in New York but want to run their ourselves before committing to the arena, we thought about Pennsylvania as well but there are some great shows there already – we lined everyone up a time or two and the dates were just not going to work out for all of us to do the 3rd show.

Then one day in November, while at C Bar C,  we meant up with The Harlan’s and their right hand man Steve.  After chatting awhile and Clea explaining to Carl about how “pains are described in her world”, we came up with a plan.

Clea and I would go home and round up the Road Crew to see if the dates chosen would work, we would talk to Shane at IBRA, who is always helpful, we would talk to some barrel and pole racers for their take and Yep a third show is in the works.   Clea, myself and the Road Crew are excited to bring The Barrel Royale to C Bar C Expo Center.  It will be a Best of the Best Qualifier and On The Road show as well.

Here is some information on dates and there will be details to follow.  We will have an incentive for being at all 3 shows – keep an eye out for that.

Until we see you again- Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy the Holidays.

Dawn and Clea

On The Road 3 Go Show Flyer


On the Road Oval Logo

OTR 11/22/14 Champion Center Points and Standings

Thank you everyone for being part of what we hope is a great start to “On The Road” Org.  We had a lot of great questions this weekend and a lot of great people who signed up.  We will be listing, this week, some of the questions that were ask and our response.

One question was, Is this for all riders or just 1D Riders?  Answer – OTR is for all divisions.  We are planning some big things for the Roadies at the BOTB!  We will of course have our trademark Best of the Best Slot Race (this year riders will run for $10,000 and if you are an Ohio qualifier – of course there will be something extra special for you) O-H ….. but we will be making sure that the Roadies will be shining as well.

Thank you again for your support and allowing us to bring this to all the riders that enjoy this sport.

Standing can be found by clicking here or as always you can find them under the page On The Road Organization.  Click here for standings -> THE CHAMPION CENTER 11-22-14 and Standings

Enjoy the Ride.  Love each other a little more than you did yesterday.

Dawn and Clea

On The Road Membership Form

Roadies Membership Form

Here ya go!   On The Road Membership form.  Please let us know if you have any questions.

Pretty Simple – you sign up for “On The Road” – 80% of that membership fee goes into a pot for the finals at the BOTB – You go to 5 shows that are on the list of approved “On The Road” shows (that will be updated as the producers set their dates) and we will get the results from the Sat Open and give the top 7 in each division points.

The approved shows can be found under the heading On The Road Organization  on our webpage.

Remember – The Panty Raid will count for 3 shows and watch for details on other shows that might count for more than one show….hint hint –

The BOTB will be a true finals and there will be NO OTHER FEES!

On The Road Membership Form

Click here to print -> On The Road Membership Form

Click here to print rider rules -> On The Road Riders Rules

World Champion, Reserve World Champion and Top 5 – O-H-I-O

Congrats to Val Vansickle Watson Seis So Sweet – World Champion  Dashing French Lady – Reserve World Champion   Jessie Ford – Top 5 in the World.    Ohio’s own Best of the Best girls.  Congrats and Proud of your hard work and the love of your horses.   We love you gals!

Congrats to all who entered the Gateway to Champions – you are all winners in our eyes.

On the Road Oval Logo

BOTB-PR-and now OTR

Well 2014 is almost in the books.   It was a great year for On the Road with Dawn and Clea and the Road Crew as it always is.   Clea and I spent a lot of time with Becky and her crew at NBHA 07 this year.  Becky took over the position of director and although was a little trying at times, made it through the year and will continue into 2015.  We are very proud of her and 07!

The Panty Raid and The Best of the Best brought great people to the shows and a new found wisdom to a lot of us.  The Panty Raid Futurity brought some new riders to the area and has, we believe, brought new excitement and more futurity interest.

The East Coast Stallion Incentive Fund is growing and we are proud to have the stallions and owners for 2015.  We have some good things brewing for the ECSIF, stallion owners and offspring owners.   Stay tuned!

The American was a blessing for us to have at the Best of the Best and we thank Nancy Adkins and Brad Shirey for dropping a bug in Robin Hoffman’s ear about us.  Thank you Robin for trusting in us and getting the outcome you hoped for.  We look forward to the future with you.  The future of the Best of the Best is bigger than ever because of all who attend the shows and  with it being opened up to more states, a LARGER pot of MONEY and the addition of new Road Crew, we are looking forward to 2015!

Our plans to date include :

  • The 1st Annual ECSIF Open Slot Race at The Panty Raid;  We have 25 slots available for the Open Slot Race with an additional 5 if needed.  This will be a pot worth over $10,000.00  – watch for detail on The Panty Raid coming the week of November 20th
  • We are upping the Ante for the Best of the Best Slot Race to $10,000, Larger pot, More States and fast horses!  2015 we are excited already! Ohio Riders know we have some special things for you all!
  • We have been thinking the last couple years (scary I know) on how we can give back a little more for all the support, after listening to the riders, the parents, the spouses… well we finally decided to do it…..a new venture for us and we hope for all of you, it is called  “On The Road”, an organization for all division of riders.
    • On The Road’s purpose is to give back to all of the people who support our shows and the sport of barrel racing. To continue to bring new options to horse and rider, weather you are a 1D or 5D rider we want to give anyone coming to “On the Road with Dawn and Clea Shows” one more thing to win! – You are already making the trip to get to the show – we want you to have as many chances as possible to take some money home.

Clicking the link below will get you all the information on the BOTB Qualifying rules and the new “On The Road” organization details – We look forward to you joining us in 2015!

We will have a full list of approved 2015 shows once the producers have their show dates set for 2015.  Currently we have November 22, 2014 at The Champion Center and November 29, 2014 at Circle G for approved shows BOTB Slot Race Qualifiers and the 1st two Approved for the  On The Road Organization.  If you are a producer and are interested in having your show BOTB or OTR Approved please contact us at g4horseranch@gmail.com.

Best of the Best Qualifying Rules  Click Here -> BOTB Qualifying Rules and Qualifying Shows 2015

On The Road Details  Click Here -> On The Road Riders Rules

Remember The Panty Raid Futurity info is getting the finishing touches and will be up the week of the 20th of November.

Thank you for all your support and we appreciate each of you.  Until we see you again, love one another a little more – it matters.

Dawn and Clea

A $14,284.82 Thank you!

It has been a month since the Best of the Best and time is flying by quickly.   We have a couple items to still take care of from the show and a little issue with the barns still open but all in all things are about back to normal.   We are working on 2015!

Dawn and Clea Thank You LetterToday we received a letter that we wanted to share with each of you.  This was certainly a nice thing to receive in the midst of all the Ebola News that is going on today.

This year, as you all know, we will be sharing the proceeds from the Best of the Best with UCP/Team Marley but also giving to Suicide Awareness through the Evan Peoples Memorial Fund.   We are proud and honored to help both of these charities in any way we can.   Although this year was a little trying for us due to a couple of people who questioned our integrity about the show and the charities, the following letter helped remind us that we do not put on the Best of the Best for those people, we do it because that is our purpose on this earth,  which is to always help others ~ and if we have a great time in the process, that is a bonus!

For all the Sponsors who gave towards the show, for every person that leant a hand, for every entry that was paid for, to IBRA for sharing their fee, for all of you THANK YOU from On the Road with Dawn and Clea and the Road Crew!   We could not do any of this with out all of you!

Love one another a little more today, it matters!

Dawn and Clea